Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moving in the Right Direction

Well, we are no longer moving to SC!  We are actually buying a house here in Western NC instead!  I know, seems like the complete opposite direction, doesn't it?  Well, all I can say is that God's plan can be amazing sometimes! Daddy and I felt very strongly that we were being lead to move. He was having issues with work and we decided that Charleston near his brother would be a good choice. We prayed for God to open the doors He wanted open and he went down to look for work. And found nothing. He talked to 60+ companies and he found nothing that we could live on in that higher cost of living area. While he was gone my mom put her house on the market, because she was planning on moving with us. While discussing the payoff with her mortgage company she found out that with her type of mortgage she can transfer her house and mortgage to her parent or child with no closing or fees. When Daddy came back and we were discussing what to do I told him about it. The next day he got two job offers here in our hometown! God obviously wanted us to stay here.  What I find amazing is that without trying to move we never would have found out the option to "buy" my mom's house.

From the back of the house
We have so many ideas for the house!  One of the first things Daddy wants to do is put new siding on the house and enlarge the back deck.  I want to remodel the kitchen and repaint everything inside.  It has two bedrooms on the main floor and a large attic room with a walk in closet.  My mom is going to stay with us for a little while, so she will have the attic room and we will have the main floor.  Claire and Chandler will have to share a room, but they are really excited about that.  Claire says she is glad she won't be "alone" in her room anymore.  Let's see if she's still thinking that way in a few months!  We are so excited about  the house being ours and Daddy has job options here again!  We have a lot of peace about our decision and we know it's in God's Will. I'm just excited now!

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  1. Adorable house! Love watching people get funneled. ;)