Friday, April 6, 2012

One Week Without Daddy

It's been one week. 

We are adjusting.  Well, mostly.  Chandler has been more emotional then usually.  The last two days have been multiple tantrums and extreme affection.  Claire has been very verbal with missing Daddy and everytime we talk to him on the phone she asks when he will be home.  That kills him.  He's missing us very badly.  He really relies on us as a support system and it's hard for him.  But bonus is he's coming back for the weekend!  Hurray! 

He's search has been going well so far.  He has talked to numerous companies and handed out many resumes.  He has two men who said they would try to call him today to set up an interview and two who said next week.  Praying that one of them pans out!  I'm to thankful for his brother who is letting him stay there for free while he is looking for work.  I just can't wait until we are there with him!

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