Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well, Daddy has not found a job yet.  While back for Easter he had a call from an old client asking him to do some work on her house.  What a blessing ... so he has been doing that for the last week. 

While in Charleston he talked to many, many companies and did not have any offers that he could support our family on.  So now we are stopping and thinking.  We felt very led to move, the doors seemed to be opening ... were we wrong?  Do we just need faith?  Or do we need to focus on where we are? 

It does seem like as soon as we started getting ready to move we started finding things here.  We are still looking down there, but nothing looks promising at the moment.  But we need to figure out something.  We told our landlady that we were planning on moving and she said she would like to come back here and live in this house.  Whoops!  I guess I need to back either way and just pray, pray, pray.

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