Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Purging, purging, purging

So even though we have no date for our move - not even a real projected month - I am attempting to prepare.  First off purging the heck out of my house. 

Daddy and I tackled the kid's rooms a couple weeks ago.  I know from past experience however it will require a multiple prong attack.  We did the preliminary purge.  In a few weeks we will need to do another one to narrow it down further.

Today I started on my books.  Sigh.  I am a proud bibliophile and I own about 4 large bookshelves worth of books - not counting the small bookshelves that Claire and Chandler have in each of their rooms.  However, I know that in a big move like this I'm going to have to pare down.  I packed 6 boxes of books and found one box and a grocery bag worth to sell/donate.  Some of those were doubles and others were ones I got a long time ago and am just not as interested in anymore.  That still leaves me with a LOT of books to sort through.  It's so hard and sad.  Which are my most important friends?  Which books do I definitely need to keep for the children even though they are years away from understanding them?  Are these two books of Hans Christian Anderson's tales different?

My clothes and kitchen goods are also on the list of sort and purge.  I will tell you this - when we have our yard sale it will be an awesome one!  ;)

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  1. Hi! I am Bekah from Along The Way and I just came across you blog and I can SO relate! We just moved a very long way away and had to purge almost everything. Books were definitely on the purge list just because of how heavy they are, but i LOVE to read so it was very difficult. Enjoyed reading your post :)