Monday, February 6, 2012

Drama, Drama, Drama

I thought I had time before these drama-filled weekends.

First of all, the entire family was recovering from colds.  This apparently meant I should have expected the meltdowns every time I asked someone to do anything.  Cleaning their rooms what a major accomplishment and wiping a sore nose?  Ugh.  I felt like I needed superhero back up to handle the Rampaging Toddler.  Of course, lets not leave out my 5 year old Drama Queen.  If I hear one more "That's not FAIR!" or "I am NOT going to do that!" I will snap.  Oh wait .... I did. 

Add in a grumpy Daddy also recovering from a cold and I am very happy for it to be Monday. 

My house looked looks like a bomb went off - one that had toys and laundry as shrapnel.  I overwhelmed myself looking at the list that needed to be completed this morning, but I'm pleased with my progress so far. 

1.  Do schoolwork with Claire - check!

2.  Start the many loads of laundry - check!

3.  Make more laundry detergent - check!

4.  Wash dishes - check!

5.  Reorganize and sort the homeschool/craft/game/kitchen shelf - BIG CHECK!!!

6. Fold laundry

7.  Sweep and mop kitchen

8.  Clean and vacuum living room

Over half way there - I guess I should get back to work!

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