Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not bad

I don't know why, but Sunday evening I was just dreading this week. I felt like I was stuck in a weird rut and nothing about the new week got me excited. I have no clue why I was in such a funk. Yesterday ended up being a shiver in our blankets and lounge around the house day. We woke up to 29 degree weather!! Brrrr! What happened to Fall? Did we just go straight to Winter? So we watched movies and did schoolwork and the kids played in their rooms. I was lazy and played around on the computer and read and tried to lazy out my funk. It warmed up to the late 60's in the afternoon and the kids played outside in their playground while I sat in a camp chair in the sun and read. That's always good for whatever ails you! :)

Today we took a quick trip to Walmart and had lunch before the kids laid down for a nap. Chandler slept well and I made some more laundry detergent and did a bunch of laundry already. Claire and I did minimal schoolwork (Bible, Math and Handwriting) before we all went outside to play. It's not been bad at all and I don't know what I was dreading so much. Daddy is working late tonight, so I'm glad we've had a good day. Nothing worse then cranky children and no relief at 5 o'clock! Hope every else's day is going well!

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