Sunday, October 16, 2011

My boy is growing up!

Last night my boy put away another of his baby things and it was a big one. Chandler's crib is no more. Such a big boy! We got him a twin bed and Daddy built a beautiful bed rail for him. On the trip to Charleston he slept in a bed in the hotel room and fell out 3 times each night. We knew he wasn't ready to be in a normal bed without help. We set up the bed and bed rail and then hurried off to dinner at my in-laws. When we got home it was late and it was almost time to get in bed. We were prepared of a long night of "return the baby to the bed" but he surprised us! Daddy read them a book in bed, we tucked him in and he went right to sleep. He woke up on time during the night crying, but Daddy checked on him and he just needed a little comfort before going right back to sleep.

He cracked me up this morning. He woke up and as he does every morning he sat there and called for me to get him. "Mama! Up, Mama! Eat! Mama!" I waited for it to dawn on him that he could get out of his bed on his own. Finally Claire got out of her bed and told him to get out of bed himself. The "Yay!!" I heard was absolutely hilarious! We are such creatures of habit. Or maybe he just inherited Mama's inability to think first thing in the morning. Poor kid!

The beautiful bed rail Daddy built

First bed time story in the new bed

Chandler all tucked in and ready for bed. Happy boy!