Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Messy Fun

Daddy has a job that is kind of far away this week so we miss him terribly. He's been leaving the house at 5:30am and getting home at 10pm. :( He pretty much has to go straight to bed so he can do it again. The kids have been upset that they really haven't seen him for 2 days so last night I pulled out two pans and shaving cream and they went at it!

The original plan was to try writing our letters in it, but I got the cheapest shaving cream that Walmart had which ended up being Barbarsol and it actually was TOO good a quality. It was very thick and stuck to their hands. So, for future reference you want to get the cheap dollar tree type. It was lots of fun to squish through our fingers and it culminated into a winner takes all shaving cream fight. ;) I ended up having to throw both of them in the shower to get it out of their hair and off their backs! Lots of fun!


  1. I know you remember how much fun outdoor parties were with shaving cream fights when you were a teenager! great harmless "naughtiness". It totally made me the "Cool Mom" of the group!!