Friday, November 5, 2010

Wonderful (and delayed) update!

On Tuesday Little Man had his FINAL occupational therapy session! You heard me right! He has been improving in leaps and bounds. He is mastering a fork and spoon (a little early, but that's normal with sensory kids) and is eating so much more. But not only that, he's also able to deal with touching some things. I was so excited to see him holding and eating a banana! He still has some issues - he HATES getting his face wiped - but it's now in the "quirky" range instead of the "Oh my God he's not eating and is going to starve" range. :) Our wonderful occupational therapist felt comfortable discharging him and said to feel welcome to call if anything came up. I'm so proud of my Little Man!!!


  1. Oh, hurrah! That's amazing news!! Congratulations you guys!!

  2. ya awesome post..

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.