Monday, February 15, 2016

How My Kids Earn Screen Time

We implemented a new system for playing video games, etc after Christmas and it's working quite well!  Before they would ask and I would say, "After your schoolwork." or try to put it off.  Or I would tell them no for the day, especially when they were misbehaving, and they would whine and complain.

Now, they earn it.  When they do a chore they get a ticket.  At the moment 5 tickets = 20 minutes play time. 

It's working well.  Schoolwork usually has to be one of those tickets and now I know they have done a fair amount of work first and it is on the timer so time is limited.  When we first started it was a lot of Mario Kart on the wii, but since I downloaded Minecraft on the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas and Claire and Chandler are addicted.

It actually works out for me because they are eager for chores and fight over what needs to be done.  My living room has never been so clean!

Some things they can do for tickets:

Empty dishwasher
Straighten living room floor
Clean up dining room floor
Put laundry away
Get eggs
Bring trash cans from road
Clean kitty litter (they get 2 tickets for that since it's a gross job.  Now they fight over whose turn it is!  I had to implement odd days are Claire's turn and even are Chandler's turn.)
Bring in wood (depending on how much can be 2-4 tickets)
Clean bathtub (Claire likes this one)
Make your bed
Straighten your room
Help fold laundry

And more ....

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