Monday, January 5, 2015

Fiona's 2nd Birthday!

Fiona has the joy of having her birthday be the day after Christmas.  I'm sure she will own that just like she handles everything else, but it is difficult logistically.  (Did I mention my mom's birthday is the 23rd and my brother's is the 28th?)  On her birthday we just had cupcakes after dinner. 

 We waited until the next weekend to have her family birthday party. 

The birthday girl!
Daddy and Fiona
Everything Frozen!  We just had coffee and cake with biscotti cookies and a mandarin orange triffle.
Blowing out candles.

So cool!
Chocolate or vanilla?

Happy Girl!

Playing with Claire

My mom and brother!

Daddy and Chandler
Me and my littles.  :)

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