Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Stockings

Something I take great pride and joy in is our Christmas stockings.  My mom made mine when I was a child and I made one for my husband when we got married.  And one for each child when they came along.  Last year when Fiona's 1st Christmas came along Claire decided her stocking was too babyish and asked for a new one.  So last year I made Claire one and Fiona used Claire's old one.  This year I made one for Declan and one for Fiona. 

Fiona was "helping" me. 

Our stockings!
And they are done!  Nicholas has the Grinch, I have the red one with birds and lace, Claire has the sparkly Christmas candy, Chandler has blue snowmen and trees, Fiona has the gingerbread men, and Declan has the red one with snowmen.  I love them!

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