Friday, November 14, 2014


I had a busy day of errands and Claire and Chandler had their art class.  Then I had a Mom Night Out planned for this evening and I got to go without Declan!  We were painting pottery so I’m glad I didn’t have him in my arms.  I came home refreshed.  It has been a crazy two days and it will be a busy weekend. But it's wonderful. Even the hard days are wonderful. Sometimes by the end of the day I want to hide in the closet and tear my hair out, but I know someday I will look back and miss these moments. My beautiful Claire, my emotional Chandler, my vivacious Fiona and my sweet, snuggly Declan. They are everything to me.  And now I really need to go to bed because Mom, Annie, Fiona, Declan and I are heading to Atlanta for one of our yearly food runs in the morning.  So excited!

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