Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chicks Are Growing Up

 The chicks are getting so big!  We moved the chicks into a bigger box on our back porch. 

Our Spitzhauben aka Mohawk Chicken

Buff Polish
 But they quickly outgrew that too!  They are still too young to go with the adult chickens without protection and we have planned on enlarging the chicken run and put them in there first, but we have just not had time to get that done.  So we got the bright idea to put them in the rabbit pen.  After multiple dog attacks we but a fenced area for our rabbit hutches.  There is no coop, but we fashioned some little shelters for them and they have gotten most of their feather and between that and straw they will be warm enough at least for a few weeks.  It's a little ramshackle, but they seem to love it!  Those are some happy little chicks!

A little shelter
Hanging out under a rabbit cage
Claire with one of the Golden Campines
Happy little chicks
An outside view of our rabbit pen
And one of the big girls (and Blackbeard) for good measure! 

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