Monday, December 16, 2013

A Weekend of Devastation

This weekend a pack of dogs came into our backyard, ripped open our hutches and killed all of our rabbits.  Captain Jack was our only survivor. 

Six breeding does, one proven buck and seven baby kits were all over our yard.  Including my children's special pets.  We have all been crying.  I just kept walking in circles all day.  I couldn't focus on a thing.  Our poor bunnies. 

The animal control officer is coming today and will look at the damage.  If we can figure out who the owners are we may be able to get reimbursed monetarily.  But that won't really replace them.  And we need to repair all the cages. 

Daddy spent all day yesterday re-enforcing the chicken coop and run and we put Jack's hutch inside the chicken run.  If the dogs come back we don't want our chickens hurt too!  We are figuring out the best way to keep the bunnies safe when we start building our rabbitry back up.  Stronger cages and a fenced in area to keep them is the current plan.  But I just can't stop thinking about our poor bunnies last moments.  They didn't deserve that.


Innocent Babies


Mrs. Sugarfoot and babies

Ginger our sweet Flemish Giant

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  1. It's just so sad. I didn't know you had a Giant Flemish. They are on my hobby farm wish list. I'm so sorry you lost yours!