Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quarantine Me!

I am drowning in sick people!  Daddy is really sick.  He is the type to tough out any illness.  I practically have to sit on him to get him to rest.  But he has spent the last 4 days laying on the couch - that is SICK.  We went to the Urgent Care today and I spent 3 hours in the waiting room with the kids for the doctor to tell him that he doesn't have the flu, he's just really, really sick.  Isn't that helpful?  They gave him an antibiotic shot and some heavy duty antibiotic pills.  Here's praying they work!

Oh, and both the kids have a sinus, coughing thing.

I CANNOT get sick right now!! I am 36 weeks pregnant!  And it's Christmas time!  I have so much to get the house ready for the baby and the holidays and not enough time.  Next week I have a full schedule and I really can't miss anything. 

Monday:  Two appointments and the homeschool co-op informational/planning meeting
Tuesday:  Physical therapy (apparently the baby is making my pelvis go out of place and it's causing me a lot of pain!)
Wednesday:  Work on the house!!
Thursday:  Co-op Christmas Party and Bible Study in the evening (they are throwing me a little "sprinkle" - isn't that sweet??)
Friday:  My Growth Ultrasound!  So excited!

Ugh.  And I need to wash all the baby clothes, clean the carseat (that a dear friend passed down), pack the hospital bag, bake Christmas cookies, get the final four boxes unpacked so they are not in the way and go Christmas shopping!  And that's just the urgent stuff on my list ....

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