Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Fair! And Chickens!

Crazy days!  Sorry I haven't been around more!

Last month was our county fair - one of the last purely agricultural fairs in the country.  Fun was had by all and this year our homeschool co-op got to decorate a booth!  We had lots of fun and I think it turned out great! 

The theme was "Home Grown Goodness" - I think that is the definition of homeschoolers!

Each family decorated a plant with our "Home Grown Kids" - this one is Claire and Chandler!


Little wannabe farm kids

They LOVED petting the horse!

 The chickens were outgrowing their little washing machine box and we had to upgrade them to a refrigerator box.  They were very happy to have the space and kept running back and forth once we put them in there! 

No more room!

After some creativity to make it closed in.  Have you ever tried to get out of a refrigerator box while pregnant?  That was interesting! 

5 minutes without food equals starvation at this age!  ;)  But they loved their new little roosting branch. 

The coop at that point.
Daddy has made great progress on the coop.  It's 95% done now!  I will update once I download more pictures.  Promise!