Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of School (sorta)

We started school week last week and Thursday was our first day of homeschool co-op.  The kids were so excited!  I thought to grab their pictures before we left since everyone was dressed and it finally was a sunny day! 

Claire, Age 6, she insisted on decorating it

Chandler, Age 3 - love his pose!
 Our co-op is growing in leaps and bounds this year.  We are starting the year with over 50 students!  We had to divide the classes more then we expected because there was so many.  But it is only an hour and a half once a week and I love the fun activities we plan and the weekly exposure to a low key classroom experience.  Plus fun social interaction!  Claire was excited to meet new kids this year, but Chandler just clung to me.  That's okay - he's always been my cautious little guy.  We are meeting in a new place this year so everything was different for him.  I'm hoping he will be more comfortable within a few weeks. 

First Day of Co-op!

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