Monday, November 28, 2011

My kids show me joy

I have a cold.  I'm miserable.  My head is stuffed and my throat hurts.

Yesterday was our town Christmas parade.  Daddy took the kids by himself because I looked pathetic and didn't feel up for it.  After they left I started thinking about them watching the parade and me not being there.  I almost started to cry (and I'm going to blame that on being sick).  So I called my Mom and asked her to take me down to the parade.  I just couldn't miss seeing my kids enjoy everything and I'm glad I did. Seeing them jumping up and down and clapping at every tiny, small town float going by was a delight.  Seeing Chandler dancing and wiggling his butt to every Christmas carol and Claire shriek every time a person on a float tossed her candy made it completely worth it.  The joy they got out of a blow up rhinoceros, a dog wearing antlers and a girl on roller skates makes you stop.  Christmas is all about being a child.  It's about the wonder of the little things.  The presents are just the candles on the cake.  It's the lights and the hot chocolate and the snow and being with your loving family that is the cake and the icing.  Experience it.

And now I'm going back to my hot tea with honey and tissues and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. 

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